10:39 AM

Finding hair products you love can be a challenge. I've tried so many brands in the past that end up not working for me, or have terrible smells, etc. A couple months ago I picked up Ouai's Wave Spray and immediately fell in love with the scent, only to discover that the product itself was amazing for my hair too! As a girl who's pretty lazy when it comes to curling hair-- the Wave Spray makes it so I only need to add a few curls around my crown and let the spray do the rest. From that obsession, I purchased the Leave In Conditioner-- which has done wonders for me in hydrating and protecting my hair out of the shower + the Rose Hair and Body Oil-- which I use right out of the shower on my body for the prettiest rose scent + on my hair after blow drying to tame those fly-aways. What's great about the oil is it doesn't leave an oily residue and completely dries up!

Ouai was kind enough to send me a package (shown below) of some of their products! First off, a back-up Wave spray (!!!) -- and their Texturing Spray and Hair Oil. I've only tried the last two twice now, but so far LOVE the Texturing Spray. The hair oil smells nice, but I'm already so loyal to the Rose Oil that will probably stick to that one!

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