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This post is about two months overdue! What a crazy end to 2016 this has been. Between the wedding, holiday season in the shop + life in general... whew! I'd love to share some more posts about all the above mentioned before the year is up... so wish me luck!

Our honeymoon was absolutely wonderful. We had been itching to travel to the South for awhile now... and our honeymoon seemed like the perfect opportunity. We started out in Nashville, took a day trip to Memphis and finished off in New Orleans. Although this post is extremely image heavy, it only contains photos from Nashville-- which was most definitely the favorite part of the trip for me! I can't begin to put everything into words, so I'll just leave a list of everything in the photos in chron order!

1) The most beautiful Airbnb we rented in Nashville. Check it out here!
2)  Amelia's Flower Truck & Imogene & Willie -- we ended up back at I&W a couple nights later for Supper & Song, one of our favorite nights of the trip. We relaxed on patio chairs while various artists played in their beautiful backyard (see b&w photo down the post). 
3) White's Mercantile -- owned by Hank William Sr's granddaughter!
4) Barista Parlour -- a beautifully branded coffee shop we couldn't get enough of!
5) Two Son -- a well curated shop for men and women.
6) Elizabeth Suzann -- another favorite stop of mine. Lydia gave us a fun tour + I was able to get some shopping in!
7) Endless cronuts from Barista Parlour and Five Daughters were eaten. 

Some highlights from the rest of our trip:
8) Road-tripping to Memphis and experiencing Sun Studio! Some of the greats recorded there.
9) Relaxing at our hotel in New Orleans + eating a lot of Southern food
10) Enjoying our first trip as husband & wife!!

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