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 Tucson is one of those cities people think they know- but don't. I can't tell you how many, "You live in Tucson? But there's nothing there!" I get... BUT! There is! Read on...
 Recently, I'm surprised (but thrilled) how many out of town people come to me seeking destination recs for trips here. I notice a trend in recommending the same places over & over again-- so thought it's about time I start a Tucson Guide on here! 
I'll be touching on food, shopping, sight-seeing... everything I love about good ole Tucson. 
Eventually I'll round it up in a page, but for now you can keep up with the 'Tucson Guide' tag linked on the side or in this post.

On Sundays you can typically find David and I lunching at one of our favorite spots, Maynard's Market. Housed in the Historic Train Depot, the Market shares building with a fancier side of food- Maynard's Kitchen + other businesses.  The back of the building has the most beautiful patio that sits alongside train-tracks (and yes, trains go by!) Cooler days always call for seating in this area.
Side note: This is our wedding reception venue! More on that in a couple months. 
The menu is comprised of breakfast/pastry options, sandwiches, salads, pizza, etc. But before you ponder what to get- let me help point you in the right direction. The Cubano is one of our favorite sandwiches (shown below on the left) + the Caprese sandwich is my personal favorite. They recently took one of my favorite salads off the menu-- but I won't hold it against them. ;)
In an effort to not make these too lengthy- I'll leave it at that. Go check it out!!
 Outfit: Top & Bandana from Fine Life Co, Jeans & Shoes from Madewell

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