Wedding Planning

8:00 AM

Here we are... a little more than four months from the wedding. Honestly, I thought planning would be a lot harder than it's shaping up to be. So far, major details are done, ideas are in the works and we're really just gliding through this. Right now I'm trying to focus on the decor, as we have two separate venues for the ceremony and reception (walking distance away). Both venues are really beautiful, historic buildings in downtown Tucson that truly speak for themselves, so I don't want to hide that charm at all! A friend is doing all of our florals and I plan for them to be the foundation of decor. Aside from that, maybe some small details- but nothing cheesy or overdone. We're getting there!!
Some favorite wedding inspiration right now: one, two and three.

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  1. where are your shoes from? They're lovely!

    1. Thank you! They're from Madewell - called the "Warren"! :)

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