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No doubt, this holiday season has been a crazy one. I didn't want to take on too many things at once, so decided I would wait until after the studio/shopping season had passed to get start on wedding things. Up until now, we had just set the date, booked the venues and secured our photographer.

Last Sunday was the official end of our open studio/holiday delivery deadline for FLCO- and I decided to celebrate by getting a wedding diy I had been planning for awhile done to give out for Christmas (since I knew I would be seeing almost everybody). 

For me, this was the hardest part of planning so far... although I love the venue we chose for the ceremony- it is not ideal for too many people standing in a row! But besides that, everything dress/decor/etc related seems to just flow out of me like I've been dreaming of this for 8 years... haha.

Instead of giving out solely cards to ask the girls to be apart of the wedding- I wanted to think of a little special gift to include... but couldn't think of something that I wouldn't want to save for the day of. I've seen succulent boutonnieres all over Pinterest, and although I don't think the guys will be wearing them- thought they were the cutest little mini bouquets. I decided it would be cute to make my own to place in boxes for the girls to open with their cards. A little version of what they might be holding the day of...

What I used// Succulents with a good stem structure + sprigs of lavender and rosemary.
How to do it// Simply bunch all greens together and wrap with jute- securing the end of the jute with a little hot glue. I asked my sister to be maid of honor and ended up making her slightly bigger with two succulent pieces + extra rosemary. To add a nice/finished background to the boxes, I cut up squares of leather and glued the "bouquets" to each one. Last, tie box with some jute & done! Simple and fun!

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