Engaged in San Francisco!

1:44 PM

September was quite the dreamy month. We've been back from San Francisco for almost a week-- finally getting back into the swing of things and have the chance to jot down our special trip while it's still fresh in my memory! 

Every year we take a nice trip (maybe some small road trips here and there). This year we decided to go back to San Francisco since it's been a couple years and it's one of our favorite cities + close to our 8 year anniversary. Being the planner I am, I had made up a "schedule" of how our 5 days were going to look... mostly to make sure we hit all the places we wanted to go. Little did I know David was scheming to propose on this trip and somehow it worked out to align perfectly with my schedule!

We always try to go to a baseball game on trips for David, and the game worked out to be the first night we were there. Our friend Brittney also lives in San Francisco and we always try to meet up with her- so invited her along too! She texted me asking if we wanted to meet her at Marin Headlands to take in the view before heading to the game -- which I assume was part of the plan between David and her, but still checked two "to-dos" off my list. Win-win!

When we arrived in SF we dropped our luggage off at our beautiful hotel and headed to do some shopping before meeting Brittney.
Side-note: When checking into the hotel they asked if the reservation was under Emily or Linda. I freaked a little when I thought I had accidentally put our reservation under my company card with my mom's name! But David's quick thinking had me believe that my parents were trying to pay for our trip as a nice gesture. See below for this to make sense.
 We went back to the hotel to change and I thought it was a little weird how David was asking if I wanted to wear these really cute new heeled sandals I bought at Madewell -- thinking why would I wear that to a baseball game? But it also made sense later on... although I still opted for not as cute comfy shoes!

When we got to Headlands we headed to the look-out area and out of the corner of my eye noticed Brittney trailing behind us taking either pictures or a video-- I didn't think much of it and kept walking! I was really taking in the view when David said, "Do you recognize those people?" I looked at three people with their backs towards us and thought... "Do I...?" Then I realized it was my dad (+ mom and his mom) and broke down. Not even knowing what was going on but really shocked to see them in SF! Everything was kind of a blur from there as I was a tearful mess, but David said some beautiful words and got down on one knee and proposed. I said yes! We hung around for a bit and then David treated us all to the baseball game. It was a beautiful night!

I can't believe how they pulled this off and kept it a secret from me! Minutes later I even said, "DO THE GIRLS KNOW?!" But he had only let a handful of people know about it. Turns out on one of David's "gym-nights" he had gone over to ask for my parent's permission and it all got planned from there. I thought it was really sweet how he asked if my parents wanted to be there for the proposal. It was really special getting engaged on our first night there, as we had all weekend to celebrate together and enjoy the beautiful city.

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