1:13 PM

channeling Vivian Maier

I've been trying to be better about updating here to keep memories alive during such a busy time in my life! July was a quick one and I can't believe we're already five days into August.
Last Saturday Lindy and I drove up to Phoenix to surprise my best friend (who was visiting from LA) on her birthday. You wouldn't believe the look on her face when we jumped in front of her car! We spent the day rendezvousing around Phoenix and checking out local shops and eateries. Truly a day I'll never forget.

We got to spend one more night together last night and a bunch of us went downtown for dinner. I'm always in awe on how much downtown is ever-changing into such a magical place. Tucson has really become such a beautiful, fun city to live in! I remember I used to never have any ideas on what to tell people to do here during there stays- and these days I feel like I could write a novel of them!

The only downfall of Tucson?... I've been juggling the idea of how I'd really like to get a studio space for Fine Life Co. Unfortunately, I just can't seem to find the right place. I stumbled on a beautiful bright building near downtown-- but no a/c... how!? There's just no way that could work! Here's to hoping for the perfect place soon!

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