Valentine's Day

7:00 AM

Although David had to work during the day, we had a really great Valentine's weekend! We were able to go on our traditional date night to our favorite Italian restaurant + carry on with our usual Sunday spent together. He gifted me this beautiful Elizabeth Suzann bag that I have been talking about since it recently came out and I gave him the Taylor Stitch jacket he's wearing. We always seem to be matching and today was no exception- ha!
I can't believe it was our seventh Valentine's together... every day with this guy is wonderful and I'm so glad he's mine!
Outfit: Lauren Winter Dress, Betty Clogs, Elizabeth Suzann Bag

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  1. I love how your photos are always so perfect! :)

  2. Love these pictures, so cute! :)

  3. Really pretty dress!

  4. these are really sweet pictures, I love how you're both so coordinated! (and that bag is insanely gorgeous!)

    xo, Liz

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