7:00 AM

 Since launching Fine Life Co, I've really taken an interest in product/promo shots (obviously). The excitement of getting in new products and styling them in different ways is such an exciting feeling. Photographing all our products myself has really helped me because a) I don't rely on anyone's schedule (and Rachel is always down to shoot anything and everything), b) I know my style and what I want the photo to look like, so it's much easier to achieve and c) Cost. Effective.

Recently I've been taking promo shots for one of my favorite skincare lines (and a vendor of Fine Life Co), Herbivore Botanicals. We share the same taste for light and airy white backgrounds + fresh/natural elements in photos. Their brand/packaging is so beautiful, so it's really easy to get pretty shots of their products.

Sometimes I think I'm crazy for juggling as much work as I do... but I'm having so much fun! I hope to get into more styling/shooting work on the side, as it's grown into a big passion of mine.
You can shop what you see here + we carry here.
Seriously though... try Coco Rose- it'll change your life!

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