8:15 AM

 Hope you all had an amazing Thanksgiving holiday! I was so happy to have four days off to enjoy with family and friends. Heather came in from LA and we got a lot of Christmas shopping in with our hang-time! David had to work most of the weekend but I was happy he got to spend some of Thanksgiving with the family and I. I'm so thankful for every one of these people in my life!
Here's a little extra of Allie because she just kills me. I bought her this outfit for her 1st birthday this past November. Gap Baby has some of the cutest baby clothes I've ever seen! I also got her this dress during this 50% off sale to match the cutest cat doll for Christmas. Whenever she stays at my parents ranch I always have to take her to see the cats, so I thought the doll was very appropriate!

Have you guys seen Kelli Murray's new kids line, Rylee and Cru? I can't wait to get Allie some of her stuff! If my sister is reading this, you better save all these cute clothes for me!

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