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What a trip! Last week David was in Seattle for work and we thought it would be the perfect chance for us to go on an adventure. One of our goals is to travel to our dream cities and more together and we try to squeeze in at least one a year. I couldn't ask for a better travel buddy and person to experience + make new memories with! I flew in Monday after he was done with work and we spent four amazing days exploring the city. 

I didn't want to clog anyone's feed so if you'd like to take a look at our adventure click here!
^ Day one we had to head to Kerry Park to get a good view of the city (we went back again on our last day). It was actually pretty warm so I was a little worried all my fall picks for the trip would end up a bad idea, but it cooled off Tuesday-Thursday. I'll forever "cherish" the photo I took of David while we were walking down this giant hill by the park. We walked back up it and got an accidental crazy work-out! Day full of laughs, short breaths and burning legs.
 Another favorite memory was riding the Bainbridge Ferry. I was so excited to experience this! We took it around 5:30 so we could get a view of the city during the day and again at night as we traveled in. The last photo is of Bainbridge itself. Full of beautiful houses on a quaint little island. 
We had the chance to meet up with a wonderful pair and new friends of ours, Staci and Michael. They took us to Discovery Park (shown above), Ballard for some delicious food and we ended the night in Wallingford where they live. We tried Molly Moon's Ice Cream which was SO good! I had the earl gray ice cream (loved) and tried the honey lavender which was an excellent choice as well.
 A trip wouldn't be complete for us without checking out some of the local shops Seattle has to offer. After heading to Herbivore Botanicals, a new skincare line we'll be carrying on Fine Life- we checked out so many cool shops. Totokaelo, Glasswing, E Smith Mercantile and Moorea Seal. All are unique and have such beautifully curated selections. 
 On our final day in Seattle we headed back to Kerry Park for one last foggy look at the city. We walked around the neighborhood and found another look-out, this time of the beautiful ocean. As we walked around we imagined how incredible it would be to live in such a beautiful city. Seattle, we will see you again someday! As for what is next... Chicago/Milwaukee? We'll see!

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