7:30 AM

Here are some new current favorites at Fine Life!
I'm going through a rose gold obsession. This rose gold ring looks perfect stacked with my Favor gold-fill rings. 
Our newest jewelry vendor, Consider the Wldflwrs has landed in the shop! Here is my favorite necklace from the lot, but there are FIVE other ones to choose from as well!

Although there's only one left, I'm loving this exclusive Lauren Winter dress! It's paired pretty with our simple kimono here
My favorite blue jeans of the year award go to... these Objects Without Meaning in Crane. So stretchy and the perfect color. 

and who would I be if I didn't share some favorite FOUND items in the shop. This vintage wall hanging and vintage Levis

That's it for now! There are still lots of new goodies around the shop so take a look!
What are your favorites?

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