7:30 AM

Every few months I get an itch to redecorate the house. Call me crazy, but I think it stems back to my childhood and redoing my bedroom all the time. I would pull an all-nighter and paint my dresser vibrant colors and patterns + move around furniture several times. Thinking back my parents were so patient with me!

Lately I've been wanting to incorporate more quality pieces into the mix and rid of some of the cheaper Ikea pieces I purchased to fill in the gaps. My nightstand is composed of two cheap side-tables glued together, my dresser has been fixed several times, etc. I always go back to this beautiful setup from West Elm in Elise Joseph's home. I love every last bit! But saving the pennies for this is harder than it seems. A girl can dream!

Shop the room: Nightstand, Dresser, Mirror, Pillowcase
I can just imagine my Ikea work lamp + ABJ Glasswords box on the nightstand!

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