Six Outfits

8:59 AM

 Elizabeth Suzann Tank, Forever 21 Skirt, Zipper Pouch
This week is a bit of a blur. My niece and nephew have been here almost two weeks straight, so I've been soaking up most of my evenings with them. This weekend is for catching up on putting new items up on Fine Life Co and picking up new-to-me record cabinet I bought off Craigslist to refinish, it's beautiful! I was scrolling through pictures I've taken of the kids this morning and thought it'd be fun to leave some outfits I've loved lately here. Enjoy your weekend!
Elizabeth Suzann Georgia Tee (coming to FLCO), H&M dress, Moheda Clogs

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  1. Such sweet outfits, Emily! Enjoy your weekend.
    Ronnie xo

  2. I love the simplicity. And hair on point every time!

  3. Wow, I really like your style! Minimal and refined. Your lip color in the first picture is really nice too.

    Taylor |

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