Nila Dress

8:03 AM

For my birthday one of my best's helped me get this dress from Na Nin, a lovely new shop by a kindergarten teacher, Kate. A portion of sales benefits the school where Kate teaches, which really makes me love shopping the site. I snapped some photos quick on my iPhone to send to my friends, but actually like the way they came out, so I thought I'd share!
Check out Na Nin's site! Here's what else I'm loving: one, two and three

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  1. Ugh, that outfit is amazing. (Also, could you please tell me where those shoes are? I know that's not the point of this post, but really, they're beautiful.)

    1. Of course! Believe it or not, they're from American Eagle! Scored for $25 each during a sale!
      Here's a link!

  2. Saw those clogs on your feed and had to have look beautiful!

  3. Amazing outfit! I ❤ Everything!