Daily Reminder

7:00 AM

I've been running around like crazy for how long now? We're under a month away from launch and working a small local event called the Spring Bazaar (I'll post info on FB and more soon)! I've been neglecting my outfits, my diys and my overall life to focus on the business. Through all the chaos it's nice to step back and look at everything positive happening right now. I'm about to turn twenty-five and open a business the same week! 

The most amazing thing has to be the friends (near and far), family and of course David that have been helping me so much. I feel truly lucky to know some amazing people and I hope to someday be able to give them as much as they've given me through this process. Without them I don't know where I would be!
 Rings- Fine Life Co (coming soon), Necklace- Another Feather, Cuff- Avenue Boutique

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