Workspace Sneak Peek

7:00 AM

Last week was a blur. I got sick on Tuesday and by Friday I had laryngitis. I have a lingering cough but for the most part feel a lot better! I took the opportunity to get a lot done in the house including moving my desk in the living room to my workspace. Now I'm playing the waiting game for 75% of Fine Life's product to come in- so in the meantime I thought I'd show you guys a little peek of the workspace. 

How I have it set up currently is a big 25 cube Ikea shelf on one wall with closet bars on each side of shelf. Under those bars I have my workspace desk and the other side is my shipping table. Everything is coming along so nicely! Since moving my desk out of the living room I now have room for a little bench diy I've been dreaming of!

If you guys haven't followed Fine Life's instagram yet, please do so! I will be posting more soon! @finelifeco

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  1. What a gorgeous space! So lovely!!!!
    Hope you fully recover soon. Being sick is no fun :(

  2. it looks amazing so far! can't wait to see the clothes when they come in!!


  3. Where is that desk from? I love it
    Leah Faye
    a clover and a bee

    1. Table top is from Home Depot (just some pine I had cut to size) and the legs are from Ikea! :)

  4. looks very nice + clean! my workspace is in my livingroom & there's never enough light, which can make it hard to get inspired. I think I need more white furniture to combat it!

    1. I know how that is with my previous space! It's nice to finally have some natural light!!

  5. what a cool space!