Brussels Sprouts Drizzled with Balsamic

7:00 AM

One goal I had for my blog this year is to incorporate more of my life than just outfit posts and diys. Adventures, thoughts, more inspiration and food. Even if it means pulling my camera out at semi-awkward times! Speaking of food, brussels sprouts are one of my favorites. I went through a period last year where I must have eaten brussels sprouts at least a few times a week! 

I usually keep my lunches at work pretty simple. I joke around that I often eat what someone with a cold or flu would eat (soup, applesauce, crackers, etc). But on Sundays, I've usually just grocery shopped and have some time to prep something before bed for the week. This is one of my favorites to roast. One thing I love about it is the flavor you get mixed with the balsamic. I was really turned onto flavored olive oils and balsamics by my mother, and I'm telling you- a good quality olive oil is worth the expense! 
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Begin by prepping your brussels sprouts and preheating your oven to 350. Cut off the ends and halve each one. I also like to take off and rid of the outer layer and keep any leaves that fall inside of that to give a nice crunch. Toss with some olive oil and sprinkle with salt and pepper. Pop into the oven and roast for 10-15 minutes- I'd watch this step as my oven is always off. A few minutes before taking out, drizzle with balsamic and return to oven. Continue to watch for the solo leaves to get cripsy and then it's usually time to take out! I add with more pepper because I just love pepper- but you can skip that step. Enjoy!

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