Our Christmas Tree and Ads for Toy Drive

7:00 AM

 Something I always remember doing with my mom around this time of year was picking out toys to drop off at a local children's organization, Aviva. Definitely a lot of toys for children, but I also loved thinking of the teenagers as well and getting make-up, sports gear, etc. Another tradition was after we were done with our usual gift opening in the morning, my parents would take us kids to take cards with gifts to give to the first three homeless we found. (My parents are the sweetest) 

Last year I was working two jobs during the holiday (one in retail) and we missed out on our Aviva tradition... but I wanted to make sure I didn't again. I know many of you are really busy during the holidays as well, so I thought it'd be a neat idea to offer all my ad options for December towards the holiday gifting for Aviva. Although we will be contributing money ourselves towards the gifts, the addition to ad spots will be incredible and a way for people who may not be able to contribute their time, give in another way! Take a look at Aviva's site, and if you're interested in helping out, purchase an ad here. As the deadline is the 18th to drop off I will be excepting ads for gifts until the 15th. 

Don't want an ad or want to contribute less than ad price? Shoot me an email! Anything helps.

Also, great ways to help include: Christmas Angels (found at your local mall), checking your local organizations for volunteering (wrapping gifts, etc), local stores usually have a drop off for gifts and much more! 

Also, we put up our very first Christmas tree last week! I love it so much. The letters are stocking pins from Target that I turned into ornaments. :)

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  1. What great way to give! I know my mother would always take my brother and I shopping for toys to give through an organization at her work. We haven't done that for a few years but I still like to get something small to drop of in the Toys for Tots boxes.


  2. how sweet! and what a gorgeous tree



  3. That is very sweet. We are definitely going to donate again this year :)

    I love your tree! It's simple and beautiful.

    ♥ Naomi Starry Eyes + Coffee Cups

  4. Beautiful tree! I love how simple and classic it is.
    Lisa | c/oMKE

  5. Hiiii, let's the countdown begins! :) love your Christmas tree! Happy december month! xx


  6. This is kinda off topic but I had that same calendar several years ago and I was recently trying to find it again, Unsuccessfully. I was wondering where you got it? Of course your tree looks great & I love the tree skirt. =)