Holiday Wish-List

7:00 AM

I've been loving this monthly take on wish-lists here! I had in mind for each one to add things I wanted to buy and stick to it for the month- hopefully to spend less and get only what I really wanted.  Well this month is a little different, as I've been keeping shopping for myself to the bare minimum! Instead, here are some items on my wish-list for the holidays. Of course I'm not expecting any of these items, but a girl can dream!

 I'm so excited to spend time with David and our families/friends for Christmas. A day where David's work is completely closed and he can breathe is just what he needs! Heather comes into town again and all of us girls are planning to get together over Christmas light-seeing or maybe cookie making. Love this time of year!
1. Eager Beaver Sand Boots, BC Footwear 2. Kinfolk Table Book 3. Monogram Bracelet, Anthropologie 4. Gilded Borded Jewelry Box, Anthropologie 5. Delos Necklace, Another Feather 6. Lyra Pyramid Box, ABJ Glassworks 7. Mini Capri Mercury Glass Candle, Anthropologie 8. Hexagon Tray, Target

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