8:33 AM

 This weekend was perfect! Friday David and I spent a low-key night inside with burritos and Remember the Titans (told you he loved the movie). He had the busiest weekend at work ahead and for me... a busy weekend with fun. ;) It was nice to just relax! Saturday I finished up some shopping with Lindy and went to the Nutcracker with my friend Katie that night. I had been a few years ago but it was just as magical. I felt like I could be a ballerina after watching them make it look so easy (it's not at all). 
Sunday all of us girls got together (see awful picture by barista below). We enjoyed breakfast and hungout while exchanging thoughtful gifts. After, Heather and I headed down to the Mercado San Agustin for the Holiday Bazaar, a cute holiday market with lots of vendors! We of course went to the Avenue table and saw some other really cute set-ups. I discovered a new store in the center called Mast (see some photos below) and I fell in love. They carry the cutest home stuff, Imogene + Willie- and don't get me started on the decor. Makes me so happy that we have such cute local shops!

I've rambled on too much. Point is, I had a great weekend. I'm busy busy for the next couple days- then Christmas! Have a lovely holiday everyone!

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