// October Wishlist //

7:00 AM

I forgot to do one of these last month- but back in August this really seemed to help with my spending habits! I've been trying to stick to a strict wishlist. This month I'm still loving basics and simple pieces- plus some chunky sweaters no shown. I actually found some perfect ones at Target over the weekend for $15 each! (can't find them to link to) With San Francisco this weekend, I can't say whether or not I'll stick to this wishlist- but usually on vacation I really think about my purchases as they can typically be pretty impulsive!

Bridge & Burn has been a company I've been watching for a bit now and I'm loving everything they do for both men & women. I love their dresses and the idea of the above tee with high waist jeans or a simple pleated skirt. Also, Urban O is killing it with boots. I got a couple last fall and have already stocked up on three pairs this fall. These boots? Another must. 

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  1. I love those boots too! I find myself being drawn towards the basics too - but if it works, why stray?

    a clover & a bee

    1. I agree! I was never really a basics girl until recently- it's like a breath of fresh air!!

  2. love that infinity scarf! perfect color



  3. I've never been a huge jewelry person but have really come to appreciate the few favorite jewelry staples that you can wear everyday -- and i LOVE those cuffs just for that. Definitely coveting them now ;)