Do It Yourself >> Copper Pipe Necklace

7:00 AM

 Back in high school (7 or so years ago-ah!), I was making jewelry and selling on Etsy. I loved working with my hands and those little pliers, dreaming of something I wanted to wear and making it the same day. Life got busy and I stopped making jewelry but held on to all of my supplies for later on. I'm on a bit of a jewelry kick again and find myself needing some more simple pieces for everyday outfits. I decided I wanted to start creating again just for the fun of it- making pieces I can pair with fall sweaters, simple dresses- you name it. 

This is a necklace I came up with at work. My dad's office is full of odds and ends, especially pipe. These copper elbows caught my eye and I thought they would be surprisingly perfect for a necklace. I think I was right! 

For the necklace you will need: a copper elbow (so cheap at any hardware store), a rose gold or copper chain, necklace clasps and pliers. If you want to make this even easier, you can buy always already clasped chains at Michael's. I wanted to ensure I would get the length I wanted so I decided to make my own. From there simple cut chain to desired length, add the clasps on your chain and feed through copper piece.
A simple, 5-minute necklace!
Top is by H&M

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