Do It Yourself >> Butterfly Mobile

8:08 AM

 I really wanted to find my niece, Allie, a cute mobile for above her crib. I had original intentions, but after I saw this chandelier on Pottery Barn- a similar diy was a must. I searched Pinterest and of course there were a ton already made to get ideas from. This is actually really easy, but took me a few hours to complete. The results make it so worth it, as I think it will be the perfect addition to her nursery!

Supplies needed: 10" embroidery hoop (I used the hoop that does not have the pin attached), fishing line, scrapbook paper or cardstock of your choice and a butterfly punch (I purchased mine from Michaels).
First I cut out a ton of butterflies (using extras for table decorations for her baby sprinkle). Next, I took the embroidery hoop and fishing line, tie the fishing line from one side to another twice. Imagine forming "X" in the hoop. Next, cut a long string of fishing line, make a knot at the bottom and string a butterfly on. Repeat the knot and stringing process 5 more times. I used a needle to punch random holes in the butterflies to string easily. Knot this string to the middle of your "X" (middle point of your hoop). Then, I did 8 more strings of 6 butterflies. See this super awesome really funny diagram I made to show you exactly how I strung the inner strings. Finally, I made 4 strings of 4 butterflies and tied them in the empty areas around the embroidery hoop (also shown in above link).

Using the fishing line I tied 4 pieces of string around the hoop and formed a tent at the top with the loose ends to hang. I decided to tie finishing line to the knot I made and leaving attached to the spool so I can take to my sister's and cut the appropriate length.

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