Bits + Ad Spots

8:59 AM

This week is flying by! Every night we've been watching Breaking Bad (on season 4 now) and I can't seem to keep my eyes open- no matter how intense the episode is! Hopefully this weekend I can catch up on some sleep and what I missed on the show. Other than that my week has been tons of work and planning- boo! To stay up I just keep thinking about how in three weeks we will be in San Fran!!

The response to my recent ad options have been really great! My special blogger option was fully booked and I received a lot of inquiries to add some more spots. I decided to add four, so get one while you can here!
Lady dates, lots of Madewell wearing due to their recent sale on sale, baby shower cake topper making (shower was such a success!), white jeans for the win!

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