Bedroom Inspiration

9:55 AM

 Something I have been slacking on since moving is a bedroom makeover. I have been wanting to change it up for awhile now to achieve a more neutral space for David and I (see my old bed and lamp- not so David friendly). See picture here from home tour. Once we get back from San Francisco this is going to be one of my first projects. Ideas are flowing and I'm ready to go!
1, 2, 3, 4 
Once I sell the bed, lamp and nightstand I'm thinking:
// Standard metal bed frame with Anthro letters or simpe wall hanging above//
// This diy nightstand //
// This diy mirror //
// THIS lamp Heather showed me and I drooled endlessly over //
Unfortunately the room is carpeted but a new rug is in the works, for now I'll stick with this
// This throw + white duvet/everything + accent pillow ideas 1, 2, 3 //
// Love the idea of a bench foot-side //

Can't wait! Now it's time to kick it into full gear to get ready for San Francisco- have a great rest of your week and a nice weekend!

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  1. i love these, especially #3. we must have similar tastes. plants in the bedroom are my absolute favorite...they add an instant calming element to any room, but especially near the bed/dresser.

  2. These all seem like very relaxing and neutral spaces. Have fun with it!


  3. the bedroom ideas are definitely looking homey and cozy! :D

  4. I love a hint of green when it's added to white. I look forward to seeing how you go with a bedroom transformation

  5. This is really funny to read because my boyfriends name is David and all I can think about is how my stuff is not David Friendly! I have just recently started going through my stuff thinking A-would David hate this? and B-do I love it too much to care? The nice thing is that I have gotten rid of a lot of stuff that I realized I just didn't really even need!
    Leah Faye
    a clover and a bee

  6. lovely rooms!


  7. I love what You've picked!! Also very bright accents I agree, to change them according to seasons and holidays!
    :D good luck!

    Loads of love, SJay

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  9. nice idea and trick
    its very helpful when you try to decorate a bad room but you have no idea how to done that