Weekend Fun

7:00 AM

This weekend was sure a beautiful one. Yesterday was in the 80s with rain on and off. We had some friends over for a VMA 'N Sync dinner party, ha! I did a mexican taco/rice bowl bar and baked some banana bread for dessert! I've made this chicken taco crockpot recipe three times- such a good staple to have around!

Lately, when I create a wishlist (much like the one from last week), I reaaaally try to stick to it. If I find something outside of the list I think about whether or not I need it, or if I need it more than what's on my list. For instance, a denim vest was high on my list, and I found this one at Old Navy for $30! I tackled another two items on my list Saturday, a green utility jacket and this sweater. I find it's a lot easier to not feel tempted by other things when you know there are a few things worth waiting for. Especially so you don't end up buying a bunch of random things that you don't like a month later!
Top Skirt and Necklace- F21, Vest- Old Navy, Watch- Nixon, Heels- Urban Outfitters

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