Homemade | Acai Bowls

7:00 AM

It's been a hot minute since I had an acai bowl, but after my friends were getting them during our trip in Cali I got a major craving. After spending a sad amount of money on one last week, I saw Megan post a picture of one she made at home. There's something about this week that it just feels SO much more hot outside than usual. I felt compelled to get a cool treat, so I stopped for the ingredients on my way home from work. This treat really hits the spot! If you've never had one it's basically a slightly thicker smoothie in a bowl with ingredients of your liking on top. 

What you need: Acai smoothie packs, bananas, a small amount of liquid (I used Almond Milk) and toppings (I used frozen organic strawberries, bananas and Trader Joe's low-fat granola with almonds). I'd also like shaved coconut but I was in a hurry and forgot!
How I made: Blend acai pack, bananas (I do half of one + one frozen banana) and small amount of liquid until smooth. Top with your ingredients and devour! Thanks for the tip on where to find acai packs Megan! PS Trader Joe's does NOT carry (at least ours). 

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  1. These looks amazingly delicious! No idea on where to get acai packs in England though haha.

    Beth // SansSouci

  2. Use Nativo Acai - it is the only raw acai available. www.nativoacai.com

  3. this looks excellent! your blog is consistently wonderful.

  4. Looks so yummy! I loveeee strawberries!

    x Sara from tinysugarbee.blogspot.com

  5. What an amazing breakfast. I think I'm going to start making those myself. Also, just started following you on Bloglovin.

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