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7:00 AM

This weekend has been nothing but humid and rainy! I don't mind the rain but the humidity is such a buzz kill. However, I enjoyed hanging at home most of the day yesterday and managed to still dress up for a few errands. Adored Vintage just sent me this dress and it's safe to say it's a new favorite. The length is perfect and it's super lightweight for summer. I also got my very first pair of Swedish Hasbeens! I've been wanting a pair for awhile and finally took the plunge on these beauties. I'm really loving the look of clogs lately, wish I could get them all!
Dress- c/o Adored Vintage Shoes- Anthropologie

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  1. It's been terribly humid in Buffalo too so I know how you feel. We actually just got some rain that helped drop the humidity but it's back to where it was already.

    Oh how darling! That dress is so cute-love it!

    Hope you have a great Monday.

  2. ohhh i love all of this. your dress, those shoes, and your hair!
    i've been wanting to splurge for those shoes, but since i'm interning and not getting paid i can't get myself to do it.
    as for the humidity, i don't mind it when its hot, but when its hot, i can't stand it.


  3. This shop is positively dreamy, thank you so much for sharing!
    And I adore your shoes; I've also been eying their clogs for a while, but I have yet to take the plunge!


  4. Love the dress! :)

  5. this dress is so cute and actually resembles the polka dot dress that Catherine wore today when she and Prince William came out of St Marys Hospital. i normally don't follow these kind of tabloids, but my office-mate does and i noticed Catherine's dress, it looks like yours :) so cute!

  6. You have such gorgeous style! I love everything about this look, honestly I'm enamored. I recently stumbled upon your blog and it's so beautiful. It's been fun to look around. Added you on Bloglovin'. Can't wait to see more ♥