20% off Vitruvi

 Sharing one of my favorite diffusers today! As much as I love candles, I often refrain from burning because I have such a go-go-go schedule - I'm afraid I'll forget to blow out! This is where diffusers come in handy for me. You can add your favorite scents and forget about it.

I've had Vitruvi products for awhile now - but when they released this terra cotta diffuser... I HAD to have. If you're ever in my home or see peeks of my home, you know why. It was made for me. ;)
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Meet Blume

I've been trying natural deodorants for years and had yet to find one that actually worked. One day on Instagram, I stumbled on Meet Blume - a website selling safe & sustainable products for women. I decided to give Hug Me a try and was SO impressed with how it worked. It's a little hard to apply in the winter, as the oil freezes up... but once you can glide it on, it's works wonders. No irritation for me & zero odor all day. I can't say anything regarding the other products, but if you're looking to get away from those aluminum deodorants - give Hug Me a try!

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The Scott Resort & Spa

Over the holiday weekend, David and I had the opportunity to stay at the beautiful Scott Resort & Spa up in Scottsdale. What a place! The decor was something straight from my dreams. Cesca chairs everywhere, warm wood tones, cozy seating...
Definitely check this place out next time your in Scottsdale!

Glossier & 10% off

I've been using Glossier products for awhile now. A few of my favorites are Gen G Cake (the perfect everyday color), Priming Moisturizer and now, Wowder. Such a great matifying powder for my somewhat oily t-zone. 
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