First Rite / Ripple Blouse in Black

Over the weekend we added five new styles from First Rite's Spring collection to the shop. I can't get over how beautiful this collection is. You may see double if you follow FLCO's journal too, but it's too good not to share! I'll be showing each piece this week and you can also check out all five here.

First up is a personal favorite, the Ripple blouse in black. What I love about this piece is the light-weight material and the versatility to pair with so many different bottoms. Here we styled over a simple dress, but I love with our Way Way trousers or a pair of vintage Levis too! & how about the texture on this beauty? I can tell this is going to be a live-in blouse for Spring/Summer!


Plum Tree Blooms

Spring is beautiful in Tucson. The weather is tolerable, the blooms are beautiful and you get to enjoy a few showers here and there (much like today). This weekend I enjoyed the amazing weather, scouted some shoot locations for upcoming new products, ate the best avocado and fish tacos of my life and overall had a nice relaxing weekend. Although a quiet weekend is few and far between these days, it makes them that much more special when they happen.

Today I'm meeting with an old high school friend for coffee and I'm really excited to catch-up with her. This city seems so small, yet it's actually pretty rare that I run into people I once hung-out with or went to school with. Something fun to do before meeting with an old friend? Thinking of your fondest memory of them to share- I can't wait to tell her mine!


Fine Life Co / Amelie Mancini

So excited to bring these beautiful cactus designs from Amelie Mancini to the shop! I've been a big fan for awhile now and with a pop-up shop coming up in May, I knew these would be perfect for our desert dweller customers (+ anyone else who loves cactus!)
Tea towel shown here and also available in a set of two napkins!
Shop here.
PS! Today is the last day for free shipping on orders over $50! 


Talking on The Everygirl

This week I'm on The Everygirl talking about opening an online shop alongside two other amazing business owners! I am so honored to have the opportunity to talk about Fine Life Co/online businesses and offer advice to readers who are looking to do the same. This has been such an incredible journey and now here we are, two months away from one year in business!

One thing that has been brought up in emails, is that many didn't know that I actually work full-time aside from working on Fine Life Co (basically full-time too)! It's a lot of work, but has been extremely beneficial in growing the company, as I don't take a cent out of the business for myself. I'm hoping that in the next year or so I am able to do FLCO 24/7, but right now it's about building the shop + finding the time and balance to get everything done each day. I'm extremely lucky that FLCO is so much fun and never feels like work. I wanted to add this to the post because it's true, no dream is too big. If you want something bad enough and work at it hard enough, it will happen!

I'm always around to answer any questions, so don't hesitate to comment or email!
See the article here
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