Monday, September 29, 2014

Fine Life Co | Kimono Season

Kimonos are no doubt, a great autumn staple piece. They're easy to put over any outfit (denim, dress, etc) and add the perfect extra layer. These kimonos in particular caught my eye because of the simple cuff, pleated shoulder and u-shaped bottom detail. I'll be living in these for the next couple months!
Shop the looks: Kimono in Black and Cream, Objects WIthout Meaning denim in Crane, Hackwith Colette tank, Maslo Necklaces (restock soon!)

Thursday, September 25, 2014

What is Fall?

Fine Life Co | Betty in Tan 

I've really enjoyed seeing posts throughout instagram and blogs of the first few days of fall! Sweaters, boots, leaves changing colors... but we're still far from that in Arizona! It's been hot all week and looks like this weekend it will finally get into the high 80s! I can't really remember even having to put on a coat too much last fall/winter, so we'll see how this year goes... All I can say is at least I will be in Phoenix laying by the pool all weekend!

David and I are headed to Seattle a week from Monday and I'm so excited! It's been almost 8 years since I've been there (we looked at a college there years ago)- and I think it's going to be even better this time around now that I'm older with places to go in mind. David is the best travel buddy and I'm so glad we get to experience new and old favorite places with each other. Next on our list in Chicago!

Fine Life has been doing so well lately, I really appreciate everyone's orders, emails, comments- it means so much to me! We're growing, learning and experiencing new things every day and I'm so excited to see what the future holds! As you saw last week, we started stocking clogs and have already sent in our restock order- so exciting!

Friday, September 19, 2014

Fine Life Co | Moheda Clogs

I'm so excited to now offer clogs in the shop! I've been wearing Moheda clogs for the past year and am so pleased with the quality and price, I thought it would be the perfect introduction to shoes for FLCO.  Moheda is a five-generation owned family business based in Smaland, Sweden. We are currently stocking three styles: the Betty, which has been my go-to pair, the Victoria, a great pair to dress up or down and the Dolly, the perfect fall shoe. Limited quantities in each style!
Clockwise starting from top left: Victoria in Black, Betty in Tan, Betty in Black, Betty in Galet, Dolly in Cognac

Monday, September 15, 2014

Fine Life Co // Objects

Elements Necklace in Brass
Here is a look at some of my favorite objects around the shop. I feel like I focus so much on the clothing portion; taking promo shoots, editing, etc.. that I love showing them off on here and forgot about the small yet beautiful things! Well over the weekend I switched up our backdrop for the objects and have really been loving the more natural look of them.This week I'm tackling improving our clothing look and getting rid of paper backdrops for forever! Enjoy!

Single Arch Cuff  | Baggu Clutch in Black


Glyph Rings in Small and Large | Found Symbol Bowl 

 Have a great week!
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