Quality Over Quantity

If you've been following my blog for awhile, I'm sure you've noticed a steady shift in my wardrobe/closet through the last few years. I say it has to do with growing up, owning an online business and coming to terms with what works on me/I'm comfortable in.

Ever since the process of FLCO began, there has been a deep meaning to quality for me. For years I was a compulsive, fast-fashion buyer. I shopped a lot and I shopped cheap. The problem with that in my eyes... the pieces were basically disposable to me. I'd wear something a few times (sometimes even once) and be over it- then off to a consignment store or instagram closet shop acct it'd go. That's just not something that I wanted for FLCO customers. I wanted to sell pieces that someone would want/be able to keep for years. Plus, there's just something so special about knowing where you garment came from and who made it to me... makes me proud to wear it! That mission not only became the shop's but a goal for my personal closet as well!

My closet is mostly made up of FLCO items now, because hey... I buy what I like for the shop and I am undeniably the best (and cheapest) marketing tool. I feel at my best in a neutral color palette and a simple design that I can dress up or down with simply a cute shoe and delicate jewelry. I don't bother with prints these days because I will inevitably get sick of them. Some of my favorites: Miranda Bennett (recently stocking at FLCO) and Elizabeth Suzann... seriously love her timeless pieces.  I also like shopping at Madewell, but it's one of those stores I have to be careful at because it's easy to want to impulse shop. I stick to the high rise + kick out jeans because they fit me perfectly + basics and pretty tops here and there.

Avoiding the mall has really helped my savings + keep my closet at bay with only key, staple pieces I will wear over and over again. David always says to me "buy it nice, or buy it twice." Which is so, so true. I've really been enjoying being able to wash my clothes without fear of them falling apart, haha!
My favorite way to save money has been creating a secret Pinterest board for all my wanted items. Sometimes I purchase the piece down the road, or sometimes I get rid of the pin when I no longer think I can really make use out of it. Here's a little snapshot of what it looks like right now (& to say this is all that's on my wish-list currently is a huge accomplishment in itself!) Some of these items have been on here for 6+ months & a few are bigger investments pieces that I really need to save for (hello, West Elm dresser). I've found this approach the most effective way for me to only buy what I really want... and if I find something outside of the board, it's nice to refer to and decide "is this worth buying over saving for the dresser??" 
There's no right or wrong to what you like. Buy whatever is comfortable for you and what you feel at your best in! My closet is still a work in progress and I have some more cleaning to do come fall, but I'm really happy with my progress so far! 


Weekend Neutrals

Last weekend was Fine Life Co's Madewell event at Fashion Square! We had so much fun selling FLCO goods and hanging with customers. It's always special to get to interact with people face to face rather than behind a computer screen- definitely the #1 thing I dislike about selling online only. Of course, it makes pop-ups that more awesome! So thank you to everyone that came out!

I did some shopping of my own and purchased my new favorite pair of jeans + bag (both had been on my list for awhile). Paired with my all time fav top from the shop by Miranda Bennett. Lately I've been working hard to scale back my closet and keep key pieces in that I know will last for me. I'm working on a blog post all about that and how I manage quality vs quantity- something that has meant a lot to me since starting FLCO! Hoping to post this week. :)
Back to recovering from a crazy month- lots of cleaning & organizing happening around here.
Happy Sunday!



Happy Friday! It's been awhile since I showed what's new at FLCO! We have some amazing new talent in the shop + restocks and more. Some favorites above include:
Miranda Bennett Everyday Dresses & Tops, Amelie Mancini Cactus Pouch, Herbivore Botanicals Rose Hibiscus Face Mist, Rachel Gunnard Line Propeller Earrings and Me & Arrow Striped Textured Top
See more new arrivals here!


Madewell x Fine Life Co

Come shop Fine Life Co + Madewell goods with me! 
Hope to see some Phoenix customers this Saturday at Madewell Fashion Square 11-2pm
(We'll both be offering 20% off purchases)
PLUS! If you email in your RSVP you will get a free candle + Madewell discount card for a later date from me! Only a few left to give away so hurry!
Email your RSVP's to + cc:
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